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Twin Dragons Wake

Come, be swept away in an unwelcome journey through the underworld of Japan; be enthralled by the wiles of a mysterious and seductive woman who has pried her way unexpectedly into your otherwise dark and quiet life.

We live in quiet and isolated pocket of the Galaxy where we have achieved the greatest advancements in science and industry. We have mastered our world, and taken dominion over all, but how isolated are we really?

Watch helplessly as the walls between worlds crumble around you, and as the seams unravel you may find yourself not so isolated after all…

About The Nemia Rising Series

I started working on the foundations for the Nemia Rising series at age fourteen with my close friend Christopher O'Keefe. Together we spent hours planning and dreaming of the vast worlds that would be the stage for our stories.

Together we wrote the Nemian language, and filled notebook after notebook with detailed character bios, and planetary charts. All of this we did with the assumption that we would be making the video game of a lifetime!

But, alas, making the video game itself always seemed a distant and unreachable goal.

So, I decided that rather than letting our creations die in our minds I would give them one last chance at life. So as my first son was born I began writing, and slowly but surely the characters that had always lived inside my mind began to take form, as if they too were living and breathing with each keystroke.

And so, 18 years from the time their essence was first conceived, and 8 years from the moment of that first keystroke I am finally ready to share them with the world as they continue to live and grow on the pages of the next books in the series.

About The Author

I am Joseph A. Dattilo, the author of the Nemia Rising Series.

Since as early as I remember I have been telling stories, and tall tales. Some of my earliest attempts at story telling got me into trouble with my parents and siblings, but honing my story telling skills daily since, I have come to see an amazing beauty in the ability for words to weave themselves into the tapestry of reality around me.

The more I experience, and experiment, the more I am convinced of the power of the written word. As a father, a project manager, and a CEO I have found that there is no place where it hurts to have the skill to bring an idea to life with words.

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